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the happiest of mother’s days.

There are some weekends when you get to Sunday afternoon, and you wish you could rewind and start over. This weekend was one of ‘those.’

My mom (who I affectionately call “Sal” on many occasions) and Maeve came down to Greenwich for one last weekend in Connecticut before I move up the eastern seaboard to the Boston area this summer. Sal loves coming down to the tristate area (she does not love the five+ hour drive it requires) to visit me, and for her last visit, we invited our favorite little three and a half year old to join the fun.

Now, living in a pre-school doesn’t always have its perks. While I absolutely love my studio space, I don’t always love running into other people after school hours in my “home.” However, it’s quite convenient when your apartment building comes with a pretty awesome playground out back to entertain a young child…because a studio only offers so many hiding spots for a good game of hide ‘n go seek. 

I’m so thankful that I not only got to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my mom, but I also got to witness Maeve’s innocence as she left the familiarity of Fairfield, Vermont and ventured into the Big Apple. Her love of the train (despite her disappointment that it didn’t make the “choo choo” sound), her awe of the dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum, and her imagination as she turned the sandbox into a restaurant (where chicken was the same price as lobster…definitely worth a visit, everyone), are a few experiences I will never forget. 

It’s weekends like this that I don’t take for granted. I’ve always appreciated everything my mom has done for my brothers and me, but I’m even more appreciative that I have the opportunity to watch her absolutely rock at being a nana. Maeve (and Patrick & Conor) are head over heels in love with her (and my dad, too). She has a glow when she’s around her grandkids that’s hard to describe with words. Needless to say, it’s weekends like this that make me look forward to future adventures with my favorite people.


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