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Intimate Boston Wedding

I’ve been meaning to share Rosie and Lloyd’s wedding for a while now, but I just didn’t have the time to dig in and do it with the justice it deserves. This global pandemic has provided the time to go back through wedding galleries and images from the past year – a silver lining I suppose? Strangely, it feels appropriate to create this post now as so many engaged couples are forced to re-imagine what their wedding day will look like during these uncertain times. No one knows what the future will hold for the wedding industry and the large gatherings we’ve become accustomed to enjoying could become a thing of the past. A fellow photographer, Mark Spooner (if you don’t follow him, do so – his work is incredible) shared a post about intimate weddings yesterday. He said, “intimate weddings offer a unique opportunity for couples to narrow their focus to the most important and essential elements of their marriage celebration.” He went on to say that “the events industry may be in the midst of a sort of ‘re-birth’, but I’m convinced the human connection that motivates the core of this industry will remain vibrant through the transition. The future is bright, even if it’s different.” 

After reading Mark’s post, I immediately thought of Rosie and Lloyd and their intimate wedding last Memorial Day Weekend in Charlestown.

This wedding will forever be one of my all-time favorites. Rosie and Lloyd are two of the most authentic, kind, and personable people I’ve met during my time in Boston. To put it simply, people like them attract others who are similar, so when they mentioned they were having a small, intimate affair with all of their favorite people in our neighborhood, I jumped at the opportunity to document their nuptials.

The afternoon started with a small gathering on their back terrace in Charlestown. Super informal yet incredibly heartfelt. Rosie and Lloyd greeted their guests as they arrived at their apartment. They joked with one another saying “hey, you wanna go out back and get married?” before they took their place at the far end of their quaint terrace, which was now filled with their closest friends and family.

Rosie and her son, Madison
Lloyd and his beautiful mother
Rosie + Lloyd greeting their guests + each other
A few moments away from the start of the ceremony
The best view in all of Charlestown that day
Pro tip: have a friend officiate your wedding ceremony. It makes it so much more personal and memorable than hiring someone you don’t know to perform the ceremony.
At every wedding, I eagerly anticipate the post-ceremony hugs and greetings by those in attendance and this small crew did not disappoint. The current crisis has reminded me to never take these small moments for granted ever again.
making it official / that new ring feel

Portraits in the Navy Yard

After the backyard ceremony, we went over to the Navy Yard in Charlestown to snap some family portraits by the water before heading to Brewer’s Fork, where more family and friends gathered for an evening on the terrace with food, drinks, and a little dancing to a pre-made playlist.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the amazing artwork that Emily Quigley, Charlestown artist, created based off of this photo

Reception at Brewer’s Fork

I’m still salivating over the delicious menu of items from Brewer’s Fork
Congrats you two!

Special Quarantine Feature: Small Business Love!

Rosie + Lloyd also happen to be small business owners in Charlestown who are hustling hard during this surreal time.

  • If you are in need of a skin care overhaul (which was me when I first met Rosie), then check out joy skin atelier. The first task listed on my post-quarantine wishlist is booking an appointment with Rosie. I’m forever grateful that a simple facial appointment turned into a new friendship and better skin!
  • If you’re looking to change up your at-home workout routine, check out Lloyd’s IG Live yoga classes. One of the first things I ever said to Lloyd was, “I’m intimidated by yoga,” and I quickly realized that Lloyd’s classes, while challenging, are the least intimating out there. He’s skilled at explaining all the poses and not just assuming you know what’s up (aka I never know what’s up). Check him out on Instagram – you won’t regret it. Oh, and his New Zealand accent is an added bonus!
  • Lastly, another Charlestown creative painted this gorgeous portrait of Rosie and Lloyd. Emily Quigley Ink is incredibly talented. Not only can she turn your wedding portraits into amazing works of art, but she can also paint your homes and pups! Check out her IG page and website for more pieces.


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