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Disclaimer: I drafted this in early March but didn’t post it because, well, the world was upended by the coronavirus. As we settle into our new normal, you may be presented with more time to envision the future of your business, so now is a great time to consider updating your headshot and branding images (you + me = socially distant, fewer than a ten-person gathering).

In our digital world of constant connection, imagery has never been more essential. I know from personal experience that when you use social media as a huge part of your business, every photo you post of yourself—even your tiny thumbnail picture next to your handle name on Instagram!—tells your clients and your community the story of you. Your personal imagery is your first impression, and you have to make it count.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer personal branding sessions for anyone from small business owners to people who want to update their LinkedIn profile for a job search. The goal with branding sessions is to show off your best asset: you! We’ll discuss what you and your brand stand for, and collaborate on imagery that can broadcast that to the world. 

Checkout some of the awesome females I’ve worked, including Janelle, Rosie, Caitlyn, Ali, Mary, + Anita.

Janelle – Janelle Carmela Photography

My photo bestie here in Charlestown took my very first headshot back in 2017. I was just starting my business, and while I’m a photographer, I’m rarely in front of the lens. Enter Janelle. I signed up for one of her fall mini-sessions, and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did it give me shots to use on my website and Instagram at the time, but it also introduced me to someone who has made a substantial impact on my own business and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Since that time in City Square Park, we’ve snapped photos of each other to keep up with the constant need to show our face in our brand. When Janelle said she needed photos in the place she spends the most time, the kitchen, I was there to snap away. 

Rosie – Joy Skin Atelier

Rosie is a skin goddess. No, really. I went to see her in 2018, and she changed my skin forever. “Rosie’s treatments are crafted with each visitor in mind, as she considers where the person is, in real-time. Her work is intuitive, spontaneous and wonderfully creative. ‘“I honor my guest’s time, their hard work, their space, where they are at in the moment and impart my knowledge, my hands, and my heart…so they can leave with a bit of peace, clarity, feeling balanced and beautiful in their space.”’

Caitlyn – RNB Wellness

Simply put, Caitlyn is a badass female business owner. Her energy is infectious and her hands gave me the best massage, ever, after I beat my body up during my peak wedding season. “Whether you are feeling physical pain from an injury, emotional pain from stress, or flat out self-loathing from weight gain, when you come to RNB, you are making the choice to put yourself first. We will not only address and conquer your obstacles, but we will illuminate everything you’re doing so well because you’re already a badass, you just lost your way a little bit.”

Ali – Healthy Thank You More Please

Ali recently launched her blog, Healthy Thank You More Please, and quickly realized the need for branding photos. She’s “here to give you simple, actionable, realistic ways to improve your health so you have more time to chase big goals, cultivate confidence, and find your voice.” Ali is a native Vermonter who also happens to be one of my 2020 brides. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Ali over the past year or so, and her branding session allowed me to dig deeper into the vision she has for her blog. I’m so excited to follow along and see what great ideas she has to offer people like me who barely work out and aimlessly wander through the grocery aisle with no real plan! 

Mary – Mary Polleys Photography

Mary is located on the South Shore of Boston, and we met while both attending a photography workshop in New Haven, CT. She specializes in wedding, pet, and boudoir photography. Mary values her “ability to capture the love between a couple, a groom and his mom, the moment a dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress – it’s not only an honor to be a part of, but it’s also an incredible experience that makes my heart flutter every time.”

Anita – WriteUp

After an accomplished career as an independent school teacher and coach, “Anita founded WriteUp as a way to create a more flexible family life with her three young children. Credentials aside, Anita believes that writing a personal statement can be a powerful experience that can lead to greater self-awareness and confidence. Anita is energized by helping people discover, embrace, and express meaning in their lives. In making this connection with her clients, she empowers them to find schools and jobs that align with who they are and what they find meaningful.” If you need help with a boarding school, college, grade school, med school application essay, Anita is your person.

If you’re in need of headshots or branding images, get in touch! Now is the perfect time to schedule a branding session for your business. Shoot me an email at or fill out my contact form.

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