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Charlestown, MA Navy Yard Proposal

Hi, it’s me…I’m the problem, it’s me! It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to blog work, and I’m trying to make more of an effort in the new year to share some of the stuff I’ve been shooting.

Let’s start with a proposal from the first weekend in January. Mike reached out before the holidays and shared his plan to ask Ally to marry him. He decided he didn’t want to rely on a friend or family member capturing it on a phone’s camera. I love the dedication to capturing the memory – one of the absolute best moments life has to offer. We met up in the Navy Yard just behind Dovetail on a cold Wednesday afternoon to plan out their arrival and where he’d pop the question. On Saturday afternoon, the air was quite chilly – like borderline uncomfortable – and when Mike suggested he and Ally take the “scenic walk” on their way back from a late lunch at Pier 6, she wasn’t too excited. Quickly, that walk turned into one of the most memorable moments of her life when Mike got down on one knee.

Here’s a few images from the proposal:

Ally’ sister and her sister’s boyfriend were hiding out by the waterfront to congratulate the newly engaged couple, and Ally’s reaction was the best – including making her sister feel how fast her heart was beating! Mike, congrats on pulling off the surprise!

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