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One year.

Similar to 365 days ago, I’m sitting here, staring at a blank computer screen, hoping the perfect words will emerge from my fingertips. But they haven’t. They haven’t come to me over the past week when I started marinating on this anniversary blog post. Words truly escape me to describe this past year and how different my life is from where it was just one year ago – in the best way possible.

Last year, I skipped a spin class on a Thursday evening, and I told myself I needed to be productive in some way to makeup for ditching the workout. Nothing like a good guilt trip, huh? Out of the blue, I decided to pull the trigger and declare myself open for business. It was something I knew I was going to do for nearly a year, but, for months, I didn’t quite possess the confidence to put myself out there despite the unwavering encouragement from my friends and family. I had a website. I had business cards. But I didn’t have the belief in myself to put my skills on the market. November 3rd was random. It was a date that held absolutely zero significance to my life until I hit that button to say, “Hi, I’m Ellen, and I’d like to take your photo.” Then, everything changed.

One year later, forty-nine families, couples, and high school seniors have trusted me to capture pivotal moments in their lives. I’ve delivered over 8,000 images that people now cherish as family heirlooms. These moments are fleeting. Life can change in an instant. I’ll forever be grateful that people have entrusted me with the task of capturing the most important people in their lives.

While these past few months have been an absolute grind, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I thrive when I’m behind my camera searching for the perfect light, the authentic laughs, and the organic moments. I’m at home with my camera in my hands; it’s truly an extension of me. I so look forward to seeing what moments I capture with it over the next year. Stay tuned.

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